TixPoint Ticketing System | ticket software, admission access control 

  • A very efficient system, run by people who
    know their business, and know it well.
    IT Manager, FIFA/UEFA Stadium
  • We've been using TixPoint™ for 3 years now and it has worked
    flawlessly. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.
    Director, Aviation Museum
  • The service is excellent. On the rare occurrence that we needed
    assistance, TixPoint™ staff handled it instantly.
    Museum Manager
  • The system reporting is top-rate, and provides everything
    we need to manage our ticketing revenue.
    Museum Finance Manager
  • Of all the projects I handled, TixPoint™ was the only one which
    was 100% perfect, on-time at install, and smooth to run.
    CFO, Major Group of Attractions
  • Nothing else even came close in cost savings for us,
    and with features better than systems twice the price.
    Director of a Major Attraction
  • We were cautious to move ticketing to the cloud - 2 years
    on now I can say it was the best choice we ever made.
    IT Manager, Group of Museums


TixPoint™ is the only full-featured, cloud-based infrastructure, with:

    * complete turnstile integration over ethernet for admission control
    * Distributed Ticketing™, and MultiPass™ Architecture
    * a pay-per-entrance pricing model with no capital costs

Stadium, museum, attraction, theme-park, theatre, concert, festival,
whatever you ticket... TixPoint™ is built for you!


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