TixPoint Ticketing System | ticket software, admission access control 

  • A very efficient system, run by people who
    know their business, and know it well.
    IT Manager, FIFA/UEFA Stadium
  • We've been using TixPoint™ for 3 years now and it has worked
    flawlessly. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.
    Director, Aviation Museum
  • The service is excellent. On the rare occurrence that we needed
    assistance, TixPoint™ staff handled it instantly.
    Museum Manager
  • The system reporting is top-rate, and provides everything
    we need to manage our ticketing revenue.
    Museum Finance Manager
  • Of all the projects I handled, TixPoint™ was the only one which
    was 100% perfect, on-time at install, and smooth to run.
    CFO, Major Group of Attractions
  • Nothing else even came close in cost savings for us,
    and with features better than systems twice the price.
    Director of a Major Attraction
  • We were cautious to move ticketing to the cloud - 2 years
    on now I can say it was the best choice we ever made.
    IT Manager, Group of Museums

Admissions Management & Control

TixPoint™ service incorporates full access control management with complete flexibility in deployment application. Admissions can be verified via computers with fixed bar-code scanners, using handheld WiFi or 3G scanners, or directly by turnstiles.

TixPoint™ manufactures its own Q.Point™ control circuitry for turnstile connection which becomes an independent device on the client network and accesses the TixPoint™ server directly. These can interface our own supplied turnstiles or other existing ones bought directly by the client.

Q.Point™ circuits provide electrical power to the turnstiles over Ethernet (PoE), eliminating the need for separate electric service. They can interface with any 12v or 24v turnstile system, with or without the manufacturer's internal control circuitry, and can have multiple input devices operating simultaneously (barcode laser or ccd, rfid, etc.).

Q.Point™ is extremely fast and responsive, even over a public internet connection, due to our proprietary communication protocols.